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Natural Womb Healing: Yoni Steaming

“So, I've got some tea…! Well, Not exactly”

For years you’ve heard me talk about womb wellness and the benefits of yoni steaming. As a holistic healer that specializes in Womb healing/Sacral Chakra work, I found myself drawn to studying herbalism and working with herbs in my practice. I wanted to take a moment to come share a little about my experience with using herbs to heal and Yoni Steaming for womb wellness/self care.

I began my journey with womb healing after finding out that I had been suffering from fibroids. At the time, I experienced inconsistent periods, heavy bleeding, and debilitating pains every month. When it was time to prepare for the next cycle, I would have nightmare-ish memories of periods past. The worst were the memories of my teenage years and times where I could not move for hours and could not sit still at the same time. As cramps seemed like they ripped through my body, I could only lie there rocking and breathing until they let me relax. Meanwhile, there were pool parties and fun functions going on that I missed out on. *mmcht, it was traumatic*

Anyway, I knew that I wanted to heal myself naturally. Over the next few years, I studied. Queen Afua’s guide to womb wellness, healing the reproductive system naturally, herbalism, yoga, and plenty other spiritually led studies made it clear to me that the womb (not the vagina or the uterus), but our creative center is our connection to the DIVINE and SOURCE OF CREATION.

Understanding that and the deep historical roots of Yoni Steaming is what made actually begin steaming.

The yoni steam (sometimes called the vaginal steam, v-steam, chai-yok or bajo) is a remedy that has stood the test of time. Yoni (योनि) is Sanskrit for vagina and womb, can be translated as origin of life, and is the symbol of the Hindu Goddess Devi. In Mayan and Korean cultures, yoni steaming has remained a well-respected ritual for supporting all aspects of women’s wellness – from the physical, to the emotional and spiritual. For millennia, women had shared this knowledge among one another, inspiring each other to connect with, love and heal our bodies.

Along with most wellness-based traditions, this ancient wisdom was forgotten. We’ve fallen out of touch with our sacred cycles and become disconnected from our wombs.

Until now.

Today, women like US are rediscovering the wisdom of the yoni steam, and the ancient practice is experiencing a wild revival. Why?

Because yoni steams have an incredible power to reconnect us with our roots and heal our mind, body, and cycle.

Yoni steams are known by women to:

· Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.

· Decrease menstrual flow.

· Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

· Improve fertility.

· Speed healing and tone the reproductive system after birth.

· Treat uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.

· Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar.

· Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.

· Treat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odor.

· Relieve symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse.

· Detoxify the root chakra and womb

· Release stored emotions or traumas that hold us back.

· Tap into the root energy that gives rise our visions and creative potential.

Often, us women accept the challenges we regularly face as normal, and we rarely talk about the discomfort and suffering they cause. But today, we are ready to reconnect with our roots and recall the wisdom of our grandmothers. We are remembering that yoni steaming is a simple herbal remedy that we can call upon to naturally treat the causes of these challenges and heal our sacred cycles.

It’s time to share this wisdom with our sisters far and wide!

Yoni steam precautions

Are there any drawbacks to yoni steaming? Not many, as long as you follow a few simple precautions. First and foremost, never try a yoni steam while pregnant or if you have any sort of infection. Secondly, yoni steams should only be used while you are not menstruating, and are not recommended for women with an intrauterine device (IUD). Third, you always be sure the steam temperature is mild so as to avoid scalding. Finally, be aware that your first cycle after steaming may be heavier and darker, however this is simply proof that the treatment worked, and will not be the case in the future (your body had to purge all that “excess” out before it can feel light and healthy!). As long as you are aware of all of the above, yoni steaming is a safe and effective holistic health treatment.

Yoni steaming is an age-old remedy that has been tested and proven by generations before us. Whether your life is dramatically improved because of easier menstruation, or you simply experience a greater connection with your yoni, the benefits of this ancient wisdom are abundant.

It’s time every woman is aware of this ancient natural solution, and has access to the information and resources she needs to treat herself. For the sake of every woman, her community, and the planet.

I’m inviting you to use my steams and add yoni steaming to your self care routine. Using it has helped with my womb health tremendously. I noticed that I saw the best results when I steamed consistently. Using the herbs listed, I began creating my own yoni steams and customizing them to my needs. That is when I saw a complete change in my body and creative center. I stopped having sharp pains in my womb, clotting during cycles, pain levels decreased, and things are looking good for the Goddess ✨. Womb healing is a process. Self love and dedication WILL BE required.

If you are interested in help with womb healing, other womb healing techniques, learning about chakra work, or purchasing customized yoni steams for specific healing then book me for a consultation

Don’t forget to ‘Join the Collective’ and become a part of the Sacred Woman Gateway 0: Womb Wellness Fb Group.

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Fenixx SiMone
Fenixx SiMone
Dec 22, 2020

Thanks, God! I appreciate your feedback and support. I'm happy to see our men come to learn more about womb wellness and healing. Please plant the seed. 🍃


Gerard Garcia
Gerard Garcia
Dec 22, 2020

This was an amazing post. Considering I’m not a woman, this was a really good read to learn and educate myself. I really enjoyed the backstory and how u spoke about how these practices aren’t new and how they trace back to those farrrr long ago. The pictures also flowed well with the piece. Overall this was a really good read, and I hope to the women out there pay attention to the game you’re giving

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