Beginning Sacred Woman Gateway 0: Sacred Womb

If you follow me on socials then you may have heard me discuss one of my favorite books titled Sacred Woman by Queen Afua. This book was written to be used as a Guide to healing the feminine body, mind, and spirit. We women, creators of the universe, have forgotten the importance of our most precious gift. The goal of this gateway is to remind our womb that she is the source of life. Our divine femininity is powerful beyond what we can comprehend. We must honor and cherish our wombs in order to open the gateways to inner standing, to our divinity.

I have dedicated a lot of time to learning more about healing self and alchemy. After months of reading, learning, alchemizing, and inner-standing what this journey really consists of and what it really means to me, I am ready to begin. My spiritual work has carried me further than I could have ever gone without the knowledge that I have gained from beginning this mission to heal myself. Some of my journey was difficult, trying and heart-breaking. Other parts were beautiful, full of love and inspirational. All of it led me to where I am today and you to reading this blog.

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Day 0: Preparation

You will find that I am very ritualistic. I chose to be "extra" with my magic in order to program my intent deeply into my projector, or my mind, which is the projector of my reality. I like to think that this is the reason that I am so powerful when it comes to alchemy. You've got to set the scene for yourself. Don't you want to hear, see, smell, touch and taste alchemy in the air? When I complete my rituals it's so much energy and passion around me that I believe without a doubt that I just created it. Believing in your magic is the most critical step of them all. So, I've compiled a list of things that I did the day before I started. These steps are not necessary. They are just steps that I took to amplify my intentions for Gateway 0: Sacred Womb. Enjoy your rituals, SiStars.

1. Cleanse

Since we're talking about womb's, I decided to start the cleaning in my pocketbook. That's right, my yoni. On the hunt to find what makes her happiest, I came across Yoni steaming and the Secret Ceres stone. The combination of the two have been so beneficial that I find myself using them less and less. I had to pull them out to start out with sparkles coming out of my undies. FRESH & CLEAN.

After a full body exfoliating shower session with black soap, I began with burning Palo Santo around the area to cleanse the room of any energy that may be left. I prepare my mind by setting my intentions which are to cleanse, comfort, and heal my womb. Then I charged by fire my fertility crystals that stimulate my root and heart chakra by sending pure love and healing to my reproductive system. Next, I lit a red and white candle. The white candle represents Purity. I also associate this candle with Goddess Ma'at who is the personification of a harmony in the universe. The red candle represents for me; Strength and also Goddess Sekhmet, a fierce warrior goddess. I work to master the energy of these deities. You can look them up to learn more about them. I will write about them in a separate post. The last thing I did was prepare my seat and massage my womb while breathing deeply. I normally take advantage of my steam sessions by meditating with the Calm app. Yoni steaming is beneficial in so many different ways. I use the secret ceres stone separately. It not only has most of the same benefits as steaming but it also makes me feel much more clean and balanced. Here's the link if you want to try that as well.

2. Grounding

Get in touch with the elements. It's important to show gratitude. We should always take time to connect with all that we are to say thank you and to tell the universe what's next. I thought that it was more than appropriate to do some root chakra yoga for grounding. I wanted to go to the beach but I decided to stay in and write this blog at the very last minute instead. If you have the chance to really get out there and gather some sunlight or stand in some salt water, by all means go out and feel the vibrations. Now you are cleansed with intentions set and checked-in to the laws of attraction. Don't forget to drink your water as well. We all know how important it is to our bodies. I like to believe that a healthy, clean, and hydrated body is a powerful energy conductor.

3. Journaling

Journaling can be done before or after any of these steps but I try to always record those powerful moments and thoughts. It is always fun to look back on everything that I manifested. Actually writing things out with pen and paper is powerful in itself. I chose to write about how excited I was to be beginning Gateway 0 and how powerful I feel before starting. A lot of the lifestyle changes that have to be made in this gateway are lifestyle changes that I have been trying to make happen for a while. Habits are easy to for and hard to break they say. This spiritual work will be challenging to my physical body but slight work on a spiritual level. I can see it as mastered already even though my sub conscious mind is scared of failure. You can write about what ever you choose. Try to remember to journal every day of this journey.

4. Set up your altar

If you read the first chapter in Gateway 0 you will see that we have to get up for spiritual baths at between 4am - 6am. That is quite early to be running around trying to get things prepared for your first day. I know you know the saying, if you stay ready then you won't have to get ready. Look in Queen Afua's book chapter 2, Gateway 0 to get more information on how to set up you altar. It is okay if you do not have everything. We can work up to it. Just be sure that your altar feels right to you.

5. Get a good Nights Rest.

We've got to be on our game tomorrow. Get some rest. Maybe try shavasana and meditation before bed to get in your most relaxed state. I have been enjoying herbal smoke blends lately. If you are into using herbs for teas or relaxation contact me on socials and tell me which ones.

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