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Beginning Sacred Woman Gateway 0: Sacred Womb

If you follow me on socials then you may have heard me discuss one of my favorite books, titled 'Sacred Woman by Queen Afua.' This book was written to be used as a Guide to healing the feminine body, mind, and spirit. We women, creators of the universe, have forgotten the importance of our most precious gift. The goal of this gateway is to remind ourselves as well as our womb that she is the source of life. Our divine femininity is powerful beyond what we can comprehend. We must honor and cherish our wombs in order to open the gateways to inner standing, to our divinity.

My spiritual work has carried me further than I could have ever gone without the knowledge that I have gained from beginning this mission to heal my womb. Some of the journey was difficult, trying, and heart-breaking. Other parts were beautiful, full of love, and very inspirational. All of it led me to where I am today, and you to reading this blog.

You will find that I am very ritualistic. I chose to be "extra" with my magic in order to program my intent deeply into my mind, energy, and environment. However, your magic is your own. Take guidance when needed but always remember to listen to what your womb/spirit says. Either way, you've got to set the scene for yourself.

Day 0-7: Daily Preparation

Every rising you should be doing what helps you become mindfully present on your journey. Preparing for Gateway 0 is realizing your WHY. Why do you want to connect to your womb, realize your power, heal yourself, and give back to the Universe from a purified center? It is important to know the reasons behind your intentions. This would be great content for a good journal session, so write it down. What motivates you to go forward in your healing?

For me, preparation rituals would consist of refreshing my altar space for each Gateway. This is the perfect time to collect your things and clean it with Florida Water. Sage the space to rid it of all old and useless energies, and reset the space with Palo Santo inputting new intentions. Then, light a white candle for purity, power, light, and peace. Next, light a separate candle that corresponds with the specific gateway or personal work that you're doing. Adding a plant, libation, and offering will set the scene for you to begin a gratitude prayer and meditation. With all of these elements in play, it's so much energy and passion around that you are now ready to open yourself to the gateway. Believing in your magic is the most critical step of them all. Do you believe in your womb power aka magic? If so, then you are prepared to begin your spirit work. If not, as yourself why.

This is an important question to ask yourself no matter where you are in your journey.

“ What if I don't believe in setting up an altar or dealing with the ancestors? Can I still heal this way?”

I get this question often and the answer is yes! You don't have to believe in anything that I say. Your healing power is within you, regardless! If you don't believe in ancestors or even know much about “the spirit world”, you are still able to connect with your inner Goddess self by understanding this guide. It is not an easy read for most, but that is why I'm here. To help make the journey simple and easy to carry out.

Without an altar, preparation for this gateway looks like whatever starts your days off in a deeply mindful state. No, half stepping. Rise up early, cleanse yourself, your space, and your mind. Give thanks before you open your mouth for anyone else. Honor your mind, body, and spirit through movement and creativity. Examples of that could be, yoga, dance, or playing an instrument. Be creative and stay in the present moment. Do this daily, until waking up grateful and connected to self becomes a lifestyle practice that you don't have to think about.

After preparation, we are ready to walk into Gateway 0: Sacred Womb.

Whether it is your first time or you are revisiting, it is suggested that you go through the gateways with a group of other sacred women. In the Sacred Collective group on FB, you will find a sisterhood of women to connect with. You have a place to give and receive love and support on your journey.

Suggested steps for beginning your Womb Healing Lifestyle.

1. Cleanse

Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest, hardest, and most important steps all at the same time. If you can, start your cleanse in the preparation phase. If not, work up to it. This journey is a lifestyle change. It may require time and a whole lotta effort. Just remember to rise and reaffirm your healing process again and again.

In Chapter 3, The Spirit of the Womb, we recognize the womb as the Spiritual Center. This ultimately teaches us that the womb is our connection to the ALL/Divinity. [Everything that IS - energy] . Which is why we must address our womb/spiritual healing holistically.

Holistic healing is healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

What are some holistic cleansing methods ?

Sacred Eating and care of the womb is discussed in chapter 4. Clients with womb challenges frequently battle with disease of the womb because of lifestyle choices, habits, and genetics that have been passed down. This chapter helps us understand how to EAT TO LIVE. Sacred eating is important because it helps us maintain purity in body and in turn, clarity in the mind. Queen Afua reintroduces the practice of mostly eating live foods. Foods that create and sustain life, rejuvenate our blood, cells, organs, and bodily functions. Eliminating dead flesh and nutrient lacking foods that can create blockages in our bodily and mental functions. Eventually, our habits that don't create life are creating spiritual blockages..

Yoni Steaming has remained a well-respected ritual for supporting all aspects of womb wellness – from the physical, to the emotional and spiritual. For millennia, women had shared this knowledge among one another, inspiring each other to connect with, love and heal our bodies. I shared a lot more information in this yoni steaming article.

Spiritual Baths have been used in many cultures to cleanse the soul, clear the mind, and ultimately heal the chakras with an intention to heal the spirit. The idea of a spiritual bath is said to help clear any blockage that can lead to more serious illnesses.

These baths start with a clean tub and clean water. [The more pure the water the better]. Often, I clean the tub and do the final wipe down with some Florida Water before running the bath water. Then you can add herbs, flowers, oils, aromas, and most importantly, your focused intent on to release. The time spent in the tub should be meditative and peaceful. It is a time to unplug and focus on your internal spiritual healing.

If you are looking for spiritual bath soaks then make sure to visit the shop after reading this article.


Grounding into your role as a Sacred Woman and Womb Healer requires you to stay connected to your womb healing power. As the womb holder, the Creatrxx, the MOTHER, we must get and stay in touch with our creative energy. Get in touch with the elements. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and spirit are our creative forces. Use them intentionally. They are here in abundance, made by creation for creation. It's important to show gratitude. Give thanks for the elements available. We should always take time to connect with all that we are, to say thank you, and to tell the universe what's next. It is more than appropriate to do some root chakra work for grounding to open this gateway. Of course, I suggest yoga and nature walks.

Soil and water are really powerful energy conductors. Do some yoga in the park without shoes. Dig your toes into the dirt and allow Mother Earth element to send positive energy and light up your spine and out of your fingertips.

Stay well hydrated (water element) and open to the flow of life. Being grounded is having your needs met. Are you stable, secure, healthy, and happy? Balancing your root chakra will have effects on these areas in your life. If you're not already, start journaling about your root chakra and how balanced or imbalanced it is. This will help you as you go further in your healing. Trust me!

Now you are cleansed with intentions set, grounded, and checked-in to the laws of attraction.

3. Pull out your recording tools

Journaling can be done before or after any of these steps but I try to always record those powerful moments and thoughts. It is always fun to look back on everything that I manifested. Actually writing things out with pen and paper is powerful in itself. I chose to write about how excited I was to be beginning Gateway 0 and how powerful I feel before starting. A lot of the lifestyle changes that have to be made in this gateway are lifestyle changes that I have been making happen so beautifully over time. Don't put time limits on yourself or any stress at all for that matter. Allow this to grow to be a lifestyle that you love. Habits are easy to make and hard to break they say. This spiritual work may be challenging to your physical body but slight work on a spiritual level. You were made for this. See it as mastered already through your sub-conscious mind. You can write about what ever you choose. Try to remember to journal or record every day of this journey.

You attract what you think and believe. Writing your thoughts and emotions daily has many benefits. One of them is the fact that you can review the energy and unconscious manifestations that you create every day. Is it beneficial to your journey. Are you convinced that you ARE. Or do you still see yourself as a maybe? Do you believe that you ARE? Or do you think that you can, at some point? The law of attraction states that we attract what we think and believe. Believe in your healing and ability to change your legacy with it. *okay, I'm off my soapbox*

4. Get your rest

Remember, femininity requires only being. We all need a different mix of femininity and masculine energy, this is true. However, walking into your womb work will bring us face to face with our receptive feminine energy. We will acknowledge the abundance, overindulgence, the spaces of lack, as well as the space for balance while on this journey. Our masculine will shine in time, but remember not to force anything with your timelines or expectations.

So, get some rest. Put to rest the energy of DOING this perfectly. Put to rest the energy of doing this half way. Even the energy of having results from doing this.

Just rest.

Gather your energy for beginning a journey that leads to the BEST of your life.

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  • Why do you want to connect to your womb, realize your power, heal yourself, and give back to the Universe from a purified center?

  • Do you believe in your womb power aka magic? Why or why not?

Journal Prompts:

  • What motivates you to go forward in healing?

  • ROOT CHAKRA WORK - Are you stable, secure, healthy, and happy?

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