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Top 5 Self Care Rituals


Self-Care is becoming a growing topic in many conversations. Everywhere we turn, we see more and more discussions around healing, personal growth, and mental/emotional health. In today’s society, these conversations are needed. There are a lot of us that are still unaware of how important self-care really is. The things that are seen and experienced regularly in our communities begin to become the realities of our lives. Often times, these things are the furthest from taking good care of ourselves and creating lives that we love to live. Practicing self-care is to slowly re-program our minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions to better serve us going forward in life. Healing from our past and allowing it to fuel us is how we take control of our lives. Without doing so, we allow our trauma to guide us.

Fenixx SiMone, The Brand, is based around holistic healing. The soul-goal is to inspire people to practice a holistic wellness lifestyle on their journey to healing. So, let’s jump right into my Top 5 Self Care Rituals. Each ritual can be altered to best fit you and what self care feels like for you. Have fun with loving on yourself. There are no rules. Healing is limitless.

1. Herbal Teas.

Waking up on the right side of the bed is more about waking up on the right side in your head. Start your morning’s off in ways that set the right vibrations for your day. My first tip is to drink at least a glass of water when you rise, of course. Then, brew yourself some herbal tea. It sounds like a simple ritual because it is. Herbs have been prized for their healing abilities since the earliest of times. We rely on their curative properties in 75% of our medicines today. As you know, there are plenty of herbal teas that you can purchase. However, to be more intentional about personal healing, I suggest researching some herbs that align with your goals and intentions. If you have any previous health concerns please consult with your doctor or herbalist. Some of my favorite herbs to use for my morning blend are Calendula, Lavender, Mugwort and Lemon Balm.

·       Calendula

o   Key Actions

§  Anti-inflammatory

§  Relieves muscle spasms

§  Astringent

§  Detoxifying

§  Mildly Estrogenic

Calendula is one of the most well-known and versatile herbs in Western herbal medicine. Most known for its skin healing and antiseptic properties, Calendula helps to speed up the rate of skin repair. This herb helps treat toxicity that underlines fevers, infections and skin disorders like eczema and acne. It cleanses the liver and gallbladder as well as also reducing pain during menstruation. The bright orange petals are thought to lift the spirits and encourage cheerfulness. This herb can be used to add flavor to your teas, to create ointments for minor burns, as a cream for cuts and grazes, and in spiritual baths. It is used in many V-Steam blends also, due to its vaginal health and skin benefits. There are plenty more benefits to this herb. I recommend the encyclopedia of herbal medicines to continue your research. Holistic Tip: Creating infusions with this herb makes for an effective douche for yeast infections.

·       Lavender

o   Key Actions

§  Relieves Anxiety

§  Anti-depressants

§  Neuroprotective

Lavender is mostly known as a sweet smelling aroma. What is little known is that it has healing properties as well. Lavender is soothing and calming. It can be used as massage oil for headaches and to make tinctures for insomnia. This herb has a relaxing effect to calm asthma, and is described by herbalist John Parkinson as being especially good for all griefs and pains of the head and brain. Of course, there can be more benefits found by doing your own research.

When you begin to use herbs intentionally, do diligent research to choose the perfect herbs for your needs. I began my herbal collection with the idea of creating my own V-steam. For a few months I enjoyed the benefits of V-Steaming with a brand that I found called Devi Steam. I discontinued use once I found that I would have more clotting when using the steams than not. For reasons like that, be sure to monitor the effects that all of your holistic practices have on your body. Not everyone’s body will react the same way to every thing. This does not mean to be afraid of using herbal remedies. I say this to remind you that you are unique and must learn what works for you.

Recently, I have found my current favorite herbal blends by supporting other holistic entrepreneurs. #Supportourown. I found my most favorite herbal tea and smoke blend from my herbalist Rubi, the owner of Artistic’s Natural Body Care.

Beginning my mornings with herbal tea’s often replaces the need for coffee and sugary drinks to start the day. I enjoy knowing that I am providing my body with the herbal benefits of whichever blend that I intentionally create. This is a part of my self care list because it is important for me to rise with my intentions set. As I drink my blend, I affirm that each new day is another chance at healing and becoming the most recent, BEST version of me.

If you’re like me and grateful for your job but not a fan of showing up, I highly suggest a blend that calms that last nerve that you have left!

2. Yoga & Fitness

I like to think of myself as something like a scientist. Being deeply invested in the science of healing mind, body, spirit, and emotions has pushed me to study the science behind the human body and earthly elements that heal it. Yoga is one of my favorite healing practices and self-care rituals. Western science is beginning to provide some concrete evidence as to how yoga can improve health, heal aches and pains and keep the chances of sickness at bay. It encompasses many healing practices in one. It is not about stretching into crazy positions that may cause you to lose a tooth or three. It is more about reminding yourself to stay present in your healing practices by focusing on breathing, meditation, and mental mastery. A new study in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience found that anxiety levels can be decreased by as much as 39 percent by practicing mindful meditation. Dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety are often some of the main blockages to our healing goals. We must learn to place mind over matter, or mat in this case. Breathing deeply and mindfully is also a healing tool that we often neglect. Pranayama, or “extending the vital life force,” is a rich practice made up of breathing techniques that increases attention and focus, help us connect to our higher vibrations, and quiet our minds. You will learn this practice in greater detail when doing your own yoga research. Remember that oxygen is the key to rejuvenating our cells to promote inner healing. Practicing yoga and exercise can be very beneficial in disciplining the mind and body. Doing these things train you to push yourself while greatly improving your health. It isn’t hard to see how incorporating these practices into daily/weekly rituals would be optimal for a self-care and healing journey. There are at least 30 more healing benefits that can be gained from yoga and fitness routines.

For me, yoga is the extra time I take to connect with self. Testing the limits of my body and realizing that my mind is the only thing that needs the push is a divine realization in itself. As I pour sweat and pure will onto my mat, I become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. If you are interested in learning more about yoga do your googles. I am sure that you will find a reason or five to begin your practice ASAP.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has been around since 1500 BCE. This practice’s benefits can be mentioned as one of the best wellness practices that humans can have. Where most of us come from, meditation was simply sitting quietly listening to elevator music. Nothing more, nothing less. Surely, if you practice meditation then you know that this is far from the truth. Many people like myself found the deeper benefits of meditation out of desperation. I had been introduced to yoga after years of suffering from a back injury in 2014. While learning to love being in a calm mental space through yoga, my interest in meditation grew. Still, it wasn’t until 2018 that I began practicing meditation regularly.

It wasn’t easy to learn to be still and allow thoughts to flow freely. Not often do we take the time to relax and only focus on being present. Normally, when beginners try meditation their thoughts are too scattered to get a few still seconds in. If this is you, understand that it is perfectly okay. You may not be a pro at meditation on the first few tries. Hopefully, the rewarding benefits of successful meditation can encourage you to try until you get it.

Benefits of Meditation

•Reduces stress

•Promotes emotional health

•Controls anxiety

•Enhances self awareness

•Helps control pain

•Aids in sleep

•Can decrease blood pressure

•May help fight addiction

•May reduce memory loss

•Lengthens attention span

These are just a few of the most well known benefits. The number one reason that I am such an advocate for meditation is the mental clarity that I receive from each session. Being still, breathing deeply, and allowing my mind to quiet so that my heart can speak has been crucial to my holistic healing. Holistic refers to addressing the whole person, including their mind, body, spirit, and emotional wellness while taking social factors into consideration. Meditation has helped me heal myself by revealing me how to love myself better, balancing my chakra centers, and giving space for my intentions to cultivate deeper within. Making it a daily self care ritual has really been essential to the creation of my blooming and beautiful reality. #alchemy

4. Crystal Healing

Elemental healing is making its rounds around the spiritual community. A lot of us are taking time to study up on all things dealing with healing and what is often found is that the earth came equipped with everything that we need to thrive. Herbs and plant based foods are meant to be our medicine. There are healing properties packed inside of things that grow from the earth. Crystals are elemental healing tools that are a direct result of the powerful wonders of the earth. Coming from reactions deep in the core of the earth, the elements that affect the earths crust create beautiful crystals and stones according to temperature, changes in gases, and changes in moisture below the surface. These hundreds of different crystals each have their own healing power/properties.

For the purposes of self care, I use crystals during meditation sessions, to vibrate in a way that amplifies my intentions, and to block lower vibrations in my home and place of work. To describe my experience with crystals, I would have to refer you to the first of the 7 hermetic principles which states that, THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental. This means whatever you think is what you bring into this reality. I have had success with crystals in my self care rituals because I believe in my personal power enough to know that the elemental healing tools that I give power will always work in my favor. If you would like to know more about how I use crystals then click the link to my article, How I use crystals.

5. Food Fuel

Like I stated earlier, plants and herbs are our medicines. Food should be our fuel. This is one of the hardest rituals that I have in place. I am in no way a master at eating only what serves me. I am just growing more and more intentional as I go. My mindset is that if you know better then you should do better. So, I won’t do doctoral research papers on what you should and shouldn’t eat. The only tidbit that I will share is that what we eat is our source of nutrients, energy, healing, or our demise. Having a healthy lifestyle affects the ways that you feel, think, breathe, process emotions, and fight off disease. Being more mindful about how we treat our bodies can be one of the best steps that we take towards self care. Show yourself a little love by replacing foods that cause disease with foods that feed your soul.

Self care rituals can be what ever you would like them to be. The key is to remain intentional about showing yourself some love. Love yourself through each process without judgement. Sometimes we forget that life is really about getting to the root of ourselves. Upon the end of this lifetime, will we be able to say we’ve truly LIVED? Did we take the time to get in tune with the life that we woulda-coulda-shoulda lived or did we let each moment quickly slip between our fingers? I advise everyone reading to take control of your healing and your lifestyle by starting with some good ol’ self care.

As always, I appreciate every single reader and I’d love your support by spreading this article to anyone (who’s everyone) that could benefit from self care.

Humanity is flawed by nature. We are not meant to be perfect but perfectly ourselves. – Fenixx SiMone


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