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Finding your purpose through holistic wellness​.

I get asked often about how one could go about finding their own purpose. People want to understand how it is even possible to find their way in this current society. Most do not even believe it is possible to go after their dreams with everything that life throws at us standing in the way. While the answers may vary from person to person and circumstances for each of us can be very different, the search for purpose often looks the same. This post can be used as somewhat of a blueprint.

Knowing your current role in the societal structure

Is the role that you are playing conducive to the goals that you are trying to accomplish? No matter what your goals are, ask yourself, are you finding the time and motivation to make them a reality? On this chart depicting the societal structure in sociology, where do you stand and where do you want to live? Not knowing or making consistent efforts to be where you belong is the first setback to finding your purpose.

Understanding how wellness is connected

With your goals front and centered in your mind, how do you plan on accomplishing them? Do you have the time? Are the resources available? Can you complete them as well as your daily obligations? Will your child(ren) and/or loved ones still receive all that they need from you? Will you be able to take the time off that is needed for rest and relaxation? Can you maintain the grind day in and day out? The questions could go on but I am sure that by now you have answered no to at least one question. Well that ‘no’ makes changing your role on the societal structure chart seem impossible, right? And that is where most of us settle. We leave our dreams and goals in the wind feeling as if they are close enough to impossible. Now we are back at the bottom of the chart freely giving our time and energy away. Oftentimes, this alone leads us to a lifestyle that we despise which also creates added stress to make it worse.

So, how can we get a ourselves into a better place? Simple. We do this by focusing on holistic wellness. Holistic wellness is an approach to being healthy that looks at a person's health in a holistic way. This considers their body, mind and spirit. Attention to all three is needed to stay balanced. Balance being one of the keys to life. Nothing in this life is impossible. We just need to understand how our lives are our own creations. In order to balance what we bring into and get out of life, we must begin to take a look at how we live as a whole. If our mind remains stuck on defeat then we will always think as defeated people. If our heart is not pursuing our personal passion then it will always be unfulfilled. If our bodies are not treated as well-oiled machines then they will not function as one throughout our daily lives. Lastly, if our spirits are not diligently maintained and growing then we will lose connection to the guidance that our spirits give us to flourish. As a spiritualist, I’d like to note that spiritual wellness is the foundation for growth in life. But better than growing spiritually is healing holistically. Now is the time to contemplate the vastness of the universe and reconsider what role you want to play in it.

The connection between your role in society, where you want to be, and your wellness should be all too obvious now. However, I’m going to elaborate a little bit further.

Knowing our blockages

There has and will always be a bottom tier of this social structure pyramid. Currently, most of those whom have been oppressed throughout history are still there. *When we look at the overview of the world we can say that the fact is that the oppression is no longer strictly race based. For that reason, this post will not be guided into a strictly racial or political stance for or against anyone.*

People at bottom tier of the societal structure are called slaves. These are those of us who work for a living spending 40+ hours a week creating wealth for others. Most of these corporations were started by and are still ran by the rich who became rich completely in result of slavery and oppression. Many of the people in this category find ourselves unable to provide the minimum requirements to even take a moment to consider what else we would do. We are encouraged to start families as soon as possible; adding 18 years of debt on top of what we already cannot afford – by design.

Our music that began as an expression of our lives became a tool used to help us idolize chasing more money, become criminals, and fall into traps set to tear our communities apart. The food that is now known as staples in our culture began as the scraps that the more privileged left us is the leading cause of most of the diseases that plague or minds and bodies. The education that we receive teaches us only enough to view [HIS]tory exactly the way that we need to in order to keep this machine functioning and the list goes on and on. Beyond all of this, our communities were broken up in more ways than I have time to list, simply to break our connection to anything other than continuing the plan.

This is why our wellness should be our number one priority. Holistically, we must heal ourselves. Our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits have undergone hundreds of years of being oppressed. We were raised by people who were damaged by oppression, whose parents were, whose grandparents may have even been slaves. We are not far removed from the tragedies of our societies. So much so that we are now the power behind the machine that works against us. Stripped of our freedoms in many ways, STILL. Healing is the only way to change the course of our generations. Finding ourselves, our desired places in society, and our purpose in life will be what liberates us holistically. Connecting with our own purposes in life IS possible. Ask me how!

Escaping the blockages

Refer back to the question that I asked earlier. Is the role that you are playing conducive to the goals that you are trying to accomplish? Are you playing the role of someone who even believes that life can be dramatically different? If not, that’s blockage number one. If so, then what’s stopping you? Most often, it is lack of self-love and self-realization. Knowing our history, not just about slavery, but also about all of the measures that were taken to maintain a bottom tier is key to understanding the importance of healing. Trauma of each of our ancestors is imprinted in our DNAs. It is passed down, being one circumstance away from becoming our demise. Like a family history of diabetes. In order to find our true purpose, we must heal through our traumas. Understanding that we are not just here to work until we die nor birth generation after generation of slaves, is a part of that process. There are more roles for us. Which ones do you want to play?

Outside of healing from things that we had no control over. We cannot avoid healing from the things that we do. To begin our healing and escape what blocks us from it, we have to address it. This is where self-love comes into play. We all think that we love ourselves until something else makes us fall to our knees. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s our parents, our partners, critics, bosses or ourselves. We’ve all wondered why we were not enough or didn’t have enough at some point or another. We’ve let what we lacked defeat us. The thing is that no matter how big or small these situations are they are only the reflection the love that we neglect to give ourselves. Loving ourselves unconditionally fills in the gaps that outside things cannot. Loving ourselves unconditionally fills in the gaps that helps us push passed things that we think that we cannot do. Loving ourselves unconditionally fills in the gaps that helps push us to become the person that we thought we could not be. Being the person that aligns themselves with everything that they want comes simply from loving ourselves enough to KNOW that we can. The way to escape the blockages is to love yourself through them. Find the passion that leads you to playing the role that is conducive to your purpose. Your purpose is to simply be the greatest version of YOU.

Beginning your healing

Studying and getting to know yourself are the ONLY ways. Too often we get wrapped up in what is normal in our societies and forget about what is important. We are here to master the experience. We do this by healing ourselves as a whole and reprogramming ourselves to attract what it is that we want. Creating lives that are conducive to the roles that we want to play. Your purpose may be very similar or very different than anyone else reading this post. Your healing journey could be just as similar or different as well. One person, one book, or one article will never have the answers that you seek. The answers are within. To find them you must know your role, know who you want to be, escape the blockages by healing, and love yourself enough to do this over and over again. Healing is a never ending process. What you think, what you eat, what you feel, and what you do will always play vital parts in becoming the next version of self. Love yourself enough to place importance on these things and you will your healing journey to be the best thing that you could have ever done. Now go out and find your purpose by loving yourself holistically.

I hope that this was helpful. For more information on living a holistic wellness lifestyle please subscribe to the blog and follow my healing journey on social media. For personal coaching session please email me at . The pleasure is always mine. Happy Healing Family and Much Love on your journeys.

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