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Chakras : Explained Simply

What are the Chakra wheels?

The seven Chakras are who and what we are, what we feel, and how we think and change, they are how we express ourselves and how we create.... The Chakra system is precisely how we gain awareness. It is how we experience life, how we perceive reality, and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. It is life itself.

-Rosalyn Bruyere

Understanding the 7 major chakras helps us understand ourselves. Our pleasure, peace, trauma, creativity, joy, and passions are all stored within our chakra systems. So is our healing potential. Learning to create balance in the chakras helps us balance all aspects of life. There is a lot of information out about the chakras online and in your local book store. This is simply meant to be an informative summary.

Remember, take only what resonates. I share my wisdom to guide. You should always follow your own intuition in the end.

-Goddess Fenixx

Why are the chakra wheels relevant?

1.) Like we've discussed, chakras make up who we are. The 8 dimensions of wellness make up how we live. It is helpful to understand them both on the journey to creating holistic wellness in your lifestyle. Holistic wellness requires a process of creating and maintaining wellness in all 8 dimensions.

2.) We use knowledge of the chakras to get deeper into these 8 dimensions in order to create a state of wellness. For example, one dimension of wellness is Emotional. According to the chart, being able to understand and cope with feelings is significant to one's wellness. If you already have some understanding of the chakra wheels then you know that the emotions can be addressed with sacral chakra balancing and grounding.

3.) As one learns the chakras and their properties, it becomes possible for them to easily evaluate and balance personal wellness. I relate chakra healing to being similar to therapy. However, I am not stating that it should be done in place of therapy.

I relate the two because they both focus on introspection. Identifying one's why's and one's needs is the best way to go about building behaviors that are fitting for both. That is how we begin to change our lifestyles in the most fulfilling ways. I recommend chakra work to everyone but especially those who are ready to put in work to heal beyond their wildest imagination.

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be discussing each chakra in detail and ways to create balance within them. Make sure that you are subscribed to the site for updates. It is important to focus on the things that stand out to you when reading these offerings. If you read about the Root Chakra and it screams to you then, be intentional about starting your work there. Remember, there is no RIGHT way to begin the process of self-healing. Also, please seek professional help if necessary. It is okay to need help. Holistic mental health professionals are budding all around the world.

If you are interested in chakra healing and just need a little guidance book your consultation with me today.

Continue your studies with this resource list

Opening to Spirit - Book on Chakras

Chakra Healing Therapy - Book on Chakra Therapy

Therapy for Black Girls - Mental Health Resources

A Chakra System Model - Scholarly Source [ California Institute of Integral Studies/Psychology commons ]

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