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Healing crystals and stones have become the most commonly used tools for my spiritual wellness lifestyle. The power of mind plus gifts from the earth herself, cannot be slept on. When trying to create alchemy in your life you must always remember that all is mind. You and your magic stones or candles can only be as powerful as you believe. In this article, I’m going to share the science behind how healing crystals work and how to use them.

Crystals have been used for centuries and were often even used in Kemet. They had been used as collective ornaments, jewelry, healing tools, and even talismans. In Sumerian mythology, the goddess Inanna journeyed into the underworld carrying Lapis Lazuli rods where she measured time and the length of a person’s life. It was believed crystals were the flesh of the gods and that the gods were crystal beings. 

Crystals are powerful energy oscillators or transefers of energy. Most people know them as minerals of for metaphysical healing gemstones in the New Age world. Did you know that without crystals are involved in the creation of your electronics, your cellphones, watches, your car radio and even computers. They are probably capable of so much more that we don't yet understand. So when you use them do it will love and limitless imagination.

How I Use Crystals

Our body’s cells vibrate at a certain frequency. Those frequencies some tomes become unbalanced crystals can help to bring the cell’s vibration back into balance. So if I'm in need of self-love in order to heal I would use Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz has healing properties that help us give, receive and accept all forms of love. Each crystal or stone has it own properties. Those properties are how I choose the right stones for my customers when I customize healing jewelry and kits.

Another way that I use crystals is while doing chakra work. I always say that I like to amplify the power of my manifestation by tapping in with all of my senses. We know that the more passionate you are when you tell the source what you want, the more likely you are to receive that and more. So I go all out. I like to see, smell, touch, taste and hear my magic at play. I choose my chakra work as my current life experience dictates. For example, I’m currently working to speak more. I’m healing my throat chakra in order to be able to say what I mean and say it with my chest. If you know me you know that I have a small voice. I am healing into speaking from my womb. Speaking from my most divine self with absolute love and confidence humming from my vocal chords. I would wear lapis lazuli in my jewelry, wear the color blue, use a blue candle, eat foods that heal the throat chakra, do throat chakra yoga, light blue candles, inhale blue light when meditating and so on..... I told you that I don’t play. 🤷‍♀️🏾😂. I also keep them on my altar. As you can see, crystals are with me every step of my journey.

Where to buy them

Here’s where I plug all of my favorite crystal slangin’ black businesses. Comment below if you know some more.

First of all is it real love? You know that you can shop crystal packs right here at : Contact me for single crystals also. I’ve got what you need. Don’t forget to order your self or your good-good girl friend some waist beads too. ✨🌈✨

Where black women brands sell!

For more information about How & Why I use crystals connect with me on socials or leave a comment below.

Do you use crystals and if so, how have they impacted your life? I’m interested in hearing! And if you’d like some free manifesting and self-care worksheets, you can subscribe to sign up for my list.

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Peace and Blessings Fam!

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