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Mindfulness Part I: Spirituality is not for the weak.

When you truly realize that this journey is all about you, things begin to change.  Things like the way that you treat yourself, think of yourself, handle yourself, and the way that you live life as a whole will start shifting. You will start believing in yourself unexpectedly. You will find a love for self that you may have never even imagined possible. This new love will trigger a complete lifestyle change that is created by your internal desire to love better. To some of us, this seems hard to imagine. I am here to remind you that it is beautiful and possible. It just lives behind a little bit of hard work.

So, what is spiritual work exactly?

Imagine being completely fulfilled in life. Picture yourself in an existence that is filled with harmony and contentment. Envision yourself making this free and fulfilled lifestyle possible for your children. It sounds unreal, right? It’s really not. The more we dig into ourselves, the closer we will come to finding this fulfillment within everything that we are and that we experience.

Spiritual work is the art of improving your spiritual health and getting yourself connected and aligned energetically. By removing energies that do not serve you and strengthening your aura, you can regain control of your existence. This work is done by being mindful of your energy and at all times considering the health of your mind, body, and spirit. Wellness through spirituality is a lifestyle. It should be a commitment to a lifetime of self-work with the understanding that you are purposeful and responsible. Your responsibility is to yourself by way of your soul.

How to begin spiritual work?

To begin our spiritual work, we have to start asking ourselves the tough questions. How can we live better lives? What fears stop our progression and how? What do we love/hate and why? Where does uncertantity leave us in our emotional lives? How does heartbreak impact how we raise our children? What takes the most energy in our lives? Does this benefit us? Tough questions and true reflection will guide us.

Spiritual work will require an unlimited amount of self-evaluation. The key to working on ourselves is knowing who we are. By becoming acquainted, content, and in love with what is real about us, we unlock deeper levels of ourselves. It will be hard work to disregard societal norms, and disassociate ourselves with underdeveloped or environmentally-based mentalities. It may not be smooth, but it must be done. This is how we can begin:

Step 1: The Principle of Mentalism

The foundation of the Alchemy that is practice is the Principle of Mentalism.

**Many different spiritualists will advise you on many ways to begin your journey. Take all advice for what it is; help from the perspective of someone living a completely different existence. I, nor any other spiritualist that you meet will have every step of your journey mapped out. I can only offer what I know to be helpful. Do not follow my word as law. Accept my words as intentional encouragement and guidance. Do as you please with the messages you receive.**

The Principle of mentalism states that the all is mind. The Universe is mental.

This means that everything that you think becomes real. We are creating our reality constantly by our thoughts being projected into the universe. Applying this law allows us to unlock mental doors of mental and psychic powers. Without this key, mastery is impossible. Take this, for example, if we believe that we are powerless towards changing our lives, then that becomes the reality of our existences. If we believe that all that we want is all that is meant for us then, we will dwell in that existence also. It will manifest before our eyes. This process all begins in the mind. The healthier the mind state, the healthier the experience will be. You are only as powerful as you believe yourself to be.

Decide in your mind who you are and want to be. Be that person in your mind. Be that person in your life. Understand that "Egypt wasn’t built in a day." So, as long as you are mindfully focused on your growth and development, it will continue to take on life itself. Be creative when you start putting your mind to work for yourself. We tend to turn off our childlike creative minds as adults and get wrapped up in growing up in the outside world. Mindfulness is about going back inside. Inside of us and deep into the creative, child-like mind is where we will find the hidden treasures of who we truly are. How deep are you willing to go?

Thanks for reading my journal this week. Peace and Blessings Family ! Go Deep Y'all.

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