Melanade Stand Tarot Decks

As promised, the decks are BACK in the shop!

Over a year ago, I purchased a deck from the founder of the Melanade Stand Tarot Deck, Fountaine Foxworth. The illustrations on the deck had really grabbed my attention. The art seemed to have spoken out to me at the time. You know that I love everything ART. Almost as much as I love supporting creative black women. A year later, I am still putting on for this deck. If you follow me you may have read last year's blog; Tarot Cards: Why I don't do readings. I have learned a lot since that post and I'm happy to share the updates.

Working with this deck has had several benefits when it comes to my spiritual growth. From the beginning, they triggered the acknowledgment of my intuition. When starting out I had been only reading for myself and a few friends from time to time. I noticed how on point the readings were. Even when I knew nothing about a specific aspect of a person's life or thoughts, it would be confirmed in the cards. Noticing this was a good little lesson for me. It taught me to trust myself. When reading, it's important to learn to let the cards speak to hear the most authentic message. As I read people I would want to leave them with a positive message. With experience and practice with trusting my intuition, I began to observe how much more powerful the messages were when I let the cards speak and filter myself completely out of it.

In the post from last year, I wrote about how personal tarot readings are. I felt like when reading I learned more than I really wanted to know about a person. I felt like I had been getting too deep into people's business. With a lot of practice came the understanding that I had tapped into a new gift. I needed to be ready to know their whole truth. That took me down another path of healing. I had been reminded to go deeper. Now, I embrace the deep connections with others that I get when reading. It is no longer draining to share the truth that I receive.

Needless to say, I have begun practicing readings for others again. If this post has peaked your interest then click the link to begin practicing with your new Melanade Stand Tarot Deck.

Stay tuned in the fb wellness group for readings being posted soon. Go to my last post to get instructions on how to read tarot cards and check my Pinterest for tarot spread inspiration.

If you are looking for a personal reading in the meantime, here is a list of readers that I currently support. Drop links to your favorite readers in the comments.

Fontaine Foxworth :

Nibiru Ankhed :

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