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Melanade Stand Tarot Decks

As promised, the decks are BACK in the shop!

Over a year ago, I purchased a deck from the founder of the Melanade Stand Tarot Deck, Fountaine Foxworth. The illustrations on the deck had really grabbed my attention. The art seemed to have spoken out to me at the time. You know that I love everything ART. Almost as much as I love supporting creative black women. A year later, I am still putting on for this deck. My goal is to make sure that this brand is seen and available to all who's intuition leads them to this article. I would love to support other black created tarot decks as well. If you know some, please share them with us in the comments below.

You may have read last year's blog; Tarot Cards: Why I don't do readings. I have learned a lot since that post and I'm happy to share the updates. With experience comes the opportunity for growth. Connecting with this deck has brought me so much insight overtime.

Working with this deck has had several benefits when it comes to my spiritual growth. From the beginning, they strengthened my acknowledgment and understanding of my intuition. When starting out I had been only reading for myself and a few friends from time to time. I noticed how on point and intuitive the readings were. Even when I knew nothing about a specific aspect of a person's life or thoughts, it would be confirmed in the cards. Noticing that as an empath, I can feel the individual that I am reading, it reminded me to trust myself. When reading tarot, it's important to learn to let the cards speak and to listen for the most authentic message. When reading for people I used to want to leave them with an ONLY positive message. With experience and practice with trusting my intuition, I began to observe how much more powerful the messages were when I let the cards speak and filtered myself completely out of it.

Lifestyle changes like maintaining a balanced live and alkaline filled diet, regularly meditating, doing yoga, chakra work, and energy management have been the foundation of my spiritual wellness as well as my strengthened intuition. When we remember to spend our energy cleansing the path for my intuition to speak freely, it doesn't take much to connect directly to the divine message. When the message is coming purely for spirit/divinity/intuition you understand that even the darkest of readings are meant to be guiding lights. Understanding this takes away the attachment to offering a certain type of reading. You understand that spirit says exactly what it needs to.

Needless to say, I have begun practicing tarot readings again with my favorite deck.

As a healer and a wellness coach, my readings are generally focused on healing, growth and blockages. Spiritually, my readings are normally focused on self-love, personal wellness, shadow work and career/business moves. Its not likely that I would accept any compatibility style love readings.

Often, clients that book readings would get even better direction from a consultation with me. The cards will identify things that I could almost always clarify in detail over a call or meeting. My style of coaching is guiding a client back towards their highest version of self. So in example, if the cards were to identify a blockage or some personal work that needs to be done - a consultation would help us dig deeper into that area in life and create lifestyle changes that inspire a holistically well life. Right now, you have the option of both. Click Here to Schedule a Consultation/Reading

If this post has peaked your interest then go ahead and hit the link to begin practicing with your new Melanade Stand Tarot Deck.

My Favorite Readers

Peace Beautiful People ✨✨✨

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