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Why Waist beads ?

Originating in Africa, waist beads are worn for several different reasons. There are traditional and cultural reasons behind adorning yourself with these beads. There are also spiritual benefits to wearing them as well. Let's get into a list of reasons why they are worn and becoming popular again in the last few years.

One of the most famous reasons that waist beads are worn is for Weight Control or monitoring. Waist beads were used for many things but a specific weight control use was using the tightness of the beads to gauge whether a pregnant woman's baby is growing healthily. The Ghanaian tradition of waist beads stuck with women throughout life and eventually reached women around the world. When wearing them, it is easily noticeable when beads are fitting differently. As we begin to gain weight we feel them tighten up around us. Depending on our personal goals, this could alert us to monitor how we are managing our bodies. The loosening or tightening of our jewelry is felt daily and we can be mindful of the choices that we make going forward. This will keep us focused on our goals and monitoring our weight. If weight-loss/gain is the goal, wearing waist beads will be the first unit of measure that keeps us in check before stepping on the scale. We all know that numbers don’t lie. Stay ready with your waist bead sets.

If you decide that you would like to begin using your waist beads for weight control or waist shaping please begin at the waist line. Any beginner wearer should begin in the safe zone at the waist line to avoid damaging your beads. Once you get closer to your goals and become conscious of wearing your beads consistently, your beads will sit lower and you would be safer wearing them that low.

Adornment or simply beautifying the body, was another reason that women would wear waist beads. By tradition, Waist beads were like lingerie that only the spouse or partner would see. Today the adornment of waist beads is a loud and proud message with and without clothing. The message is that we are reclaiming African traditions and knowledge. We are growing as a culture who are beginning to educate ourselves on what is and was important to our ancestors. We are walking in the understanding that the healing of our wombs begins the healing of the universe.  It is up to you as to whether you want to show yours or not, though. The beads are like permanent body bling and let’s face it- If you’ve seen my healing crystal jewelry then you know they will look dope on ANY naked flesh.

Spiritual Growth is also a reason for wearing waist beads. Programming your intentions into crystals is a very powerful ritual. “All is Mind, the Universe is Mental.” This statement is the foundation of my growth as well as everyone that I assist in their journey. Someday, it may be the foundation of yours. The statement describes that you are the creator of your own reality because everything comes from what you think. (Please stay tuned for a mindfulness video- coming soon!) Being aware that 'ALL is Mind' while wearing your waist beads helps you stay focused on your growth or healing goals. For example, let’s say that I created and programmed my intentions into my crystals for the strengthening of my throat chakra or to heal my heart. I would wear crystals that correspond with these specific chakra centers. Then wearing, seeing, and feeling my waist bead set will consistently remind me of my chakra work, color magic, and affirmations that I set.

Authentic crystals are known to vibrate with healing properties once charged and programmed. I started to create and wear waist beads at the beginning of my journey just to remind me to stay focused on healing and growth. Now, it is my contribution to the Universe. I exercise my sacral chakra energy and power of creativity to assist others in creating their own healing. My jewelry is professional made with high quality authentically source crystals. The closures and charms are also 14k-24k Gold. This makes it possible for your jewelry to be worn without worry of breaking or rusting.

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THANKS FOR READING! If you are a waist bead wearer and have other notes to add, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


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