Tarot Cards : Why I don’t do readings

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

You may be seeing a rise in the numbers of tarot readers in your communities and social circles. More and more black women are getting in touch with their intuition and are exercising it openly. Tarot readings have become popular again and I just had to know what it was about.

I purchased my first deck from a black woman owned company with cards photography by and completely featuring WOC. Obviously, it’s one of the dopest decks out period. I had never had or done a reading prior to that so when I received the cards I immediately began doing research on how to use them and how they would work. Every reading that I have done since, has been spot on. This deck has contributed to my healing, my business, my friends, and my family. Fontaine Foxworth, owner of Melanade Stand, did her thing when she blessed these cards.

Just like most readers, when I witnessed how hard my readings were hitting I decided to start reading other people. I had never charged anyone and had only done it sparingly. Still, recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to do readings for other people. I’m dropping this on the blog because if you resonate with this then maybe you shouldn’t either.

Let’s start with how to read tarot cards


When you are relaxed and mentally quiet, your quiet intuition is heard loud and clear. Clear your space and get comfortable. Get deep into the present moment.


Shuffle your deck a few times. It’s simple. No number is the right number just shuffle until your heart is content. I normally shuffle around 3-7 times before I begin


Ask the deck your question silently in your mind or out loud. If you don’t have a question you could ask your cards “what do I need to know right now?” It is not uncommon for people to treat their cards like a part of their spirit team. I am one of those people. I keep my cards in my bag and I try to connect with them no less than once a week. It is advised that dealing with your cards daily is best for bonding with your deck. Keep that in mind. It is important that you treat your spiritual tools with love and care. Bonding with your deck is an important step as well.


* Say the card out loud. Introduce the card to your senses to amplify your intuition.

* First Impression - notice your first thought, feeling or reaction to this card. Remember to go with your gut.

* Evaluate the card to interpret its meaning - what does it symbolize, what is happening on this card, what symbols stand out.

There are plenty of spreads that can be found on my Pinterest to help you out. I got comfortable with reading by trying new spreads and questions each reading. When doing a tarot reading for myself, it is simple and to the point. I’ve even found ways to make it fun and a part of my routine. Doing tarot readings for others is another story. I’ve found that it requires more energy than I like to spend. In my personal experience, doing tarot readings for others means that I have to read past my own experiences and into theirs. Intuitively, it requires a connection to someone else’s energy. I often feel like the information is not for me. In other word, none of my busines. Although, I’m prone to being helpful, I’m not a licensed therapist. 🤷🏾‍♀️. I see directly into someone’s wreck of a life and can do nothing to help. Ultimately, I feel like it’s too draining. Aside from the use of energy, tarot reading’s are personal. No one can tell you about you like you can. It is easy to learn to read for yourself. Tapping into that power and intuition can be insightful to say the least. In the meantime, @b3light3d Oracl3s on FB & IG gives the fire readings at a decent price until you are comfortable doing your own. Good luck and lit 🔥 spreads!

If you are a reader comment your thoughts on giving readings. Subscribe to my site for updates on when these cards will be sold in my shop. You don’t want to miss out. Limited stock available.

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