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Just touch the tiger

Just touch the Tiger

Here I am terrified. After I had signed up and spent money for something that I felt ready and had been ultimately too scared to do. Story of our lives, right? We all have had dreams and goals that we just let sit right in front of us and we were too scared to move. Now, is such a perfect time let go.

Meet me on this journey !

In life you will always be experiencing new things to learn and grow from. Learning to be present for those opportunities for growth will help you understand how to be mindful of how to control the life that you experience. Creating your own reality and what some call alchemy requires work. Self exploration, love and healing are essential to finding our better selves. The deeper we get to the root of ourselves the closer we get to what makes this life truly purposeful.

Searching for purpose?

Healing looks different for everyone. What can be expected of someone who has healed could be reconnecting with their inner child. They will be remembering what once made them happy and content before life got so worrisome and chaotic. Before our days got full of hustle and heart breaks. Healing helps remind us of what life felt like before the protective personality traits we slapped on and called, “ME.”

In a country that thrives off of capitalism it only makes sense for us to get to the money. Why not make it doing what we love. This site is my inner child singing and my sacral chakra blinging. 🧡✨

I am all things Art. Master Creatress and through my creations I will inspire others. This is only one of the many seeds that I humbly offer to our creator, the Universe, God, You, Myself...ALL

So, Lesson One ☝️

Realities probably won’t be out here changing themselves. We have to heal and to realize what it is that we love and value. Then, we just have to do whatever that is! No matter where that journey leads us, when it is over we have the chance to say that we lived life chasing our dreams as opposed to just trying to get by. One of my favorite sayings came from Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. 50 said, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and that is a saying to live by. Regardless of what our goals are reaching them requires relinquishing fear, breaking down barriers and blockages and learning to trust oneself. Creating this website has been one of my goals for many moons. I had excuse after excuse and fear after fear seeming to hold me back. After traveling to Thailand for two weeks to recharge, I found all of the energy that I needed. This website took me over a year to plan and only a few hours to create and publish. I battled with the fear of failure for so long that I didn’t try. That all changes here and may this blog inspires this #Mood4Eva. Thanks for reading my first blog post and I hope you come to enjoy more. In the meantime, let it all go. Life is all about these amazing experiences. In the words of my dope husband @iamgerry803, “JUST TOUCH THE TIGER!”


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