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Holistically Addressing Pain Management with Yoga

Several factors contribute to how well people adapt to the adversities in life. Whether the adversities be mental, physical, or emotional; they all have the potential to affect our health in one way [or many]. This why yoga is considered one of the most loved holistic healing practices around the world. Practicing yoga is practicing resilience. Some yoga practices are done to create physical resilience. Some people practice yoga for mental stability and resilience. There are people that practice deepening their inner connection and tapping into the spirit of resilience. Staying well and living a balanced life requires us to always remain resilient. You get to choose your own flow. Create a practice that fits you most. Share it with your tribe.

Traditional western approaches to relieve pain do not adequately address the multidimensional factors of pain. What I aim to do with holistic wellness is explain that pain is healthy. Pain is a healing response to trauma in the body, mind, or emotions. Once we acknowledge this pain, we can act to help ourselves properly heal and maintain balance.

For discussion’s sake, let's use Ms. Apple to talk about multidimensional healing. Ms. Apple was in a car accident several years ago. In the accident she injured her hip and broke her sternum. She is now suffering from physical pain in the neck, back, and hips. Her left side has been shortened, possibly due to surgery on the hip. This causes one of her legs to be longer than the other and affects the way that she walks. The recovery was catastrophic. She remained in pain for a very long time. She was no longer able to do the things that she loved and became less active. Her pain is not only physical which is why pain medicine, traditional practicing doctors, chiropractors, etc., were not able to help her. It is important to incorporate pain management strategies that address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the pain she is facing.

The same goes for your pain. It is not only physical. It is not over when the swelling is done. Allow your yoga practice to open you up to creating new healing energy just as much as it heals the recycled pain [adversities in life]. This is how we create a balanced wellness lifestyle.

Holistic Wellness can help you manage the stresses in your life related to your chronic pain. Practicing yoga with Fenixx In Flow is creating a Holistic Wellness Plan for yourself with some help. Let’s build a multi-dimensional practice that will benefit an open heart, mind, and spirit.

Part One of this Holistic Wellness plan is having a consistent yoga routine. This routine can be done at the start of every day or at night before you rest your mind. It only takes 12 minutes and to poses are easy to remember so that you won’t need the video every day. Don't worry, this is a beginners practice that can be done in bed. It is not an in-depth yoga class. It is just a starting point for Holistically Addressing Pain Management with Yoga.

Practice this routine [or customize your own] for 7 days. Identify the poses that you enjoy the most. Keep a journal about your thoughts, sensations, and emotions around your practice. Come back and share your key take-aways here in the comments. Someone somewhere may appreaciate your help!

Come back next week for more Holistic Wellness Community Content.

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