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5 reasons to visit Phuket, Thailand

Peace and light family. Thanks for coming back to mind my little ol' business. I want to talk about my favorite vacation spot, so far. Phuket, Thailand made my fifth country visited (only counting where I've stayed) and by far

one of the wildest experiences that I have ever had. I could not begin to describe Thailand without mentioning how powerful, relaxing and beautiful it is. For me this trip happened in divine timing. I had been fed up with my job, in serious need of a vacation, and looking to do something nice with my best friend, hubby. This trip happened to fall in line with our 9th Year anniversary and my earth day. All of which will be discussed as I leave you with my top 5 reasons to visit Phuket, Thailand.


For me, there is no disputing the fact that the currency conversion calculation was the best part of the visit for a budget baller like myself. First of all, *clicks tongue* 100 USD converts into 3057.20 Thai Baht. You read that right! I could not believe my ears when my coworkers

told me. So, when I got there and saw the prices my mind was blown. Baby let me tell you, the King and I stayed 12 days at The Charm Resort and had the times of our lives.


Located only 200 ft. from the beautiful Patong Beach, The Charm Resort is in the perfect area for you to get out and enjoy the local food and culture surrounding the area. There is street food everywhere. On every corner that you bend, you will be greeted by enticing aromas of fresh food being cooked from early in the afternoon until the late hours of the night. Along with street foods, there were so many different cuisines to try that you we could not even try everything that looked scrumptious. Trust me, we attempted. How could we not? There was a comfortable mix of all different nationalities and there seemed to be nothing but love spread amongst all of Phuket's visitors. The people were very welcoming.

Saying Hello:

The standard Thai greeting is Sawasdee (sounds like "sah-wah-dee"). Almost every local person that you meet will greet you with this greeting. It is appropriate to smile and say it back. Showing respect to the culture is a

courtesy that is very much appreciated by the Thai people that I had come in contact with.


Besides eating like a Queen for cheap, the trip got really lit once we jumped into the tourist activities. On every street and probably on each side, there were spas and massage parlors offering full service EVERYTHING.

I suggest that you start with the spa to get loose. There were days that my app tracked 6+ miles of walking. I for sure lost a few ounces of booty meat during these few weeks.

Tiger Kingdom : This attraction would be fun for adults and family friendly as well. Your visit can be photographed by a professional photographer as you enjoy feeding and playing with the tigers. It was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend this attraction to anyone visiting. Of course I was scared y’all. Being drug towards them by hubby helped me get over that. I figured that it was too late to turn back. I’m either ready to fight for the death or I’d better tell myself that these tigers all good energy. The tigers are fed seemingly all-day long and happy to receive belly rubs from their guests. They were used to being loved on. I was happy to have the opportunity to do it. This is definitely an experience that I will cherish for years to come.

Bathing with Elephants : Meeting and bathing the elephants was hands down my favorite event of the vacation. I have always been attracted to elephants and the quiet power that I’ve always recognized within them. We got to visit with a special elephant named O’kot. He was huge but sweet and beautiful. Meeting him put the icing on the cake because in order to see him, we had to make a few stops first. There was an elephant riding station where we got to ride around on the back of an elephant while she ate and enjoyed her natural habitat. This was cool but I surely could have gone without it. Next, we went to an elephant show which my husband, Gerry, featured in. He and a baby elephant played a goal of soccer together. Of course, Gerry blocked him from scoring. Poor baby elephant looked hurt by it, too. When the show ended we rode a cattle cart to the main attraction, Mr. O’Kot. His vibes were indescribable but you can tell that from the photos.

Big Buddha: Whew, how do I describe this experience? Firstly, there are many Buddhist principles in my practice so being able to visit a Buddhist temple was mind blowing. I actually wish that I had been better prepared to harness some of that indescribable energy that I felt there. I was so in awe that I didn’t take the opportunity to meditate in the temple. Up 100ft in the air looking down on a beautiful island that is full of free life and energy I felt like the wonders of my mind had expanded. I felt another level of gratitude and love for life there. It was oh so serene. Don’t make my mistake. Go there and ‘’let your cup spill over.”

Simon Cabaret: Thailand’s most famous ladyboy show. This show was crazy. They had me in there thinking “ I too am Beyoncé.’’ The dancing was fire and the routines were so well put together. Everyone rocked their outfits and dances. The show was beautifully coordinated and aesthetically appealing to say the least. It got to a point where I sang and danced in my seat song after song. They might have had the cheapest drinks that we came across also. Don’t quote on that. Of course, no video was allowed there. The age limit is not listed on their website. It’s a quick stop for some fun, high energy and a great show. Shows are an hour long.


Yoooo, the nightlife in Phuket was so much Rated R fun. I’m going to keep it funky, it could have been Rated X but we decided to chill this time. The scene is not what you’re used to. It’s a melting pot of people, smells, sounds, you name it. Some of everything was out there on Bangla Rd. We traveled here in late June which isn’t high season. You’re guaranteed to have a good time. The bartenders are professional checkers players. You find that out five double shots and loses into the greatest game of checkers you’ve ever played. After losing 10 cool points you can take a few steps in any direction to find a gentleman’s club.

If you know me at all then you know that I don’t miss an opportunity to turn a spot out so yes, I did. Team Garcia has bust up in ANOTHER country and had them shakin’ ass and elbows. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾. Remember that 100 Thai baht is $3.27. It is customary for you to buy drinks and personal dances here. The first few establishments wouldn’t allow me to break bills but after a few stops for drinks and hookah we came across one that would. Listen, we turned it out. Every girl in the building went in. They didn’t have booty but they had practiced twerking, that’s for sure. The DJ played the anything American that they could find. I’m a critical judge when it comes to music but it wasn’t bad. We threw 100 TB like we wouldn’t ever run out. The entire staff was dope for the short time that we stayed in there. We went to all of the popular spots and grabbed some late night fatboi food before we headed back.

I’d literally be writing forever if I tried to explain everything that there is to be found on Bangla rd. The entertainment really varied but it only gets more and more adultish the deeper that you explore that area at night. Have fun though. 😝


Okay hear me out. I know I’m from the country and I used to tear down some chitterlings and thangs but I just could not get down with eating a lot of street food. I heard great things and what I tasted was cool but don’t let me lie. I saw too many mutant ninja turtles to feel comfortable. There were huge rats out there. I know that someone from a big city may not care but I was turned off. I preferred my food to come from a kitchen, minimally. I did try some grilled chicken and fried fish that was delectable lol 😋 but I wasn’t going much further. There were not very many vegetarian meals but fruits stands are in abundance.

When traveling to any country it’s our duty to support the local community by supporting the street vendors and community workers. Show gratitude by respecting the land and the people of any place that you visit. Thailand is some place that I will certainly be returning to. Next time I go, the content will be fye-yi-yi. 🔥🔥🔥

Travel Tip : Don’t forget to tip.

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Fenixx SiMone
Fenixx SiMone
Sep 26, 2019

I had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to visit Ghana also. You’re wedding will be mind blowing. My photos did not capture Thailand well enough. Tiger Kingdom was dope. That’s a risk well worth taking. Thank you !


Sep 26, 2019

I loved your blog! I love how descriptive it was. You look like you had a good time. My boyfriend said he wants to get married in Phuket. I can see why now. It is very similar to his hometown in Ghana. I loved Tiger Kingdom! I would be scared but it would allow me to come out of my shell of scariness and take a risk! :) nice blog.

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