Who I  Am


Single Loop Set, with Charms

Single Loop Set, with Charms


Your go to Goddess

I specialize in all things Self Love. My mission is to demonstrate that living a Wellness Lifestyle can be fun, beautiful, easy, and free. Through my journey as a spiritualist, herbalist, and yogi; I hope to inspire more people of color to join the holistic wellness collective. Be sure to check out my products that are created to enhance modern self-love rituals and practices. 

Treat yourself like someone you love. ❤️ 


Finding your purpose through a wellness lifestyle

Clients reach out to me daily looking for encouragement on their journey or tips to begin. Whether the focus is health and wellness, yoga, chakra work, crystal healing, womb healing, or light/shadow work; I always have the same answer. It starts with YOU. Building a lifestyle that is focused around self-love and spiritual growth is the best way to connect with DIVINE SELF or SOURCE ENERGY. 

Connect with me for invites to my healing groups or book a consultation to get a custom wellness lifestyle well-plan.


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