Who I Am



Your go to Goddess

Fenixx SiMone Digital is a Yoga & Wellness Resource.


On a mission to help inspire the unity of mind, body, and spirit, I have devoted myself to teaching what I've learned on the journey. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Herbalist, and Spiritual Mentor, my teaching style focuses on all things; Self Love. I am currently offering Self-Love Products, Yoga Classes, 1 on 1 wellness consultations, Tarot Readings & more. 

My foundation is built from Kemetic Knowledge | African Spirituality | Yoga Philosophy | Sacred Woman Study | Herbalism | World Travel | Buddhism| Self Exploration

Treat yourself like someone you love. ❤️ 


Begin your yoga practice w/ Fenixx SiMone

My Mission is to inspire the Unity of Mind, Body, & Spirit.


In my beginner yoga classes, the focus is building a lifestyle that is focused around self-love and spiritual growth. Through yoga practice wellness programs, classes, and courses, I help guide clients to find ways to connect with DIVINE SELF/SOURCE ENERGY. 

Connect with me for invites to my Sacred Collective Tribe or book a consultation to discuss creating your wellness foundation. Visit the shop to purchase handmade healing products from Your go to Goddess, Fenixx SiMone.