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Please dont douche your kootie it is a natural cleanser .

Yoni Eggs / Pearls very bad for the kootie you will loose good bacteria and so much more . ( please don’t use )

Don’t put things in or around your kootie you wouldn’t put in your mouth .

No panties when it is appropriate for you . Let her breathe so she can speak freely .

Let your titties hang Sis ditch The bra when you can ( Wire Bras ) . A good sports bra with no type of metal is great

Eat less ADDED sugars & More fruit a lot of fruits which are good for you have natural Sugar ..

Toss the Processfoods being How they are made from its natural form (Process) They also take your body through a unNatural Process that disrupts the natural order of things .

Always do your due diligence on EVERYTHING 💫💫💫


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